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On this page you will find some examples of my previous work.

To see instruments I currently have in stock, go to the For Sale page. 

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Rosewood Heart acoustic guitar, 2020.

The shape of this guitar is based on a pre-war Martin 00028 model. It is an old fashioned kind of guitar with unscalloped soundboard braces. It has a powerful, deep and very resonant response while at the same time being exceptionally well balanced and comfortable to play. 


Caucasian Spruce soundboard, Beautiful Indian Rosewood back and sides and bridge. Mahogany neck. Old stock Brazilian Rosewood bound fretboard. The inlays are made from a horn from a deer that lives down the road from here. The deer is alive and well, the horns sometimes break off seasonally.

Century old Californian Sinker Redwood and Padouk special Classical guitar, 2020.

This is a very special and unusual guitar, commissioned by a player who some years ago was involved in motorbike crash which left him with limited mobility in his hands. The guitar has an extra wide neck (55mm at the nut) and a short scale length (635 mm) and very low action to enable him to play with greater ease.

The soundboard is made from a piece of a redwood tree which was salvaged from the bottom of a certain river in California where it had been seasoning underwater for a century. It is also a place of special sentimental significance to the player. It is the most remarkable piece of wood I've ever had the privelige to work with, possessing all sorts of supernatural qualities.

The body shape and dimensions are based on a dreadnought, which is very large for a classical guitar. This gives it a very deep bass and lots of resonance. The back and sides are made from Padouk wood which is an excellent tonewood and which has the most mesmerising, natural deep redness. Stripy ebony was used for the head veneer, bindings and fretboard. The neck is made from figured Honduras cedar. It's unusual to find this type of wood with such figuring. The decorative inlays are unique to this instrument. 

Classical Parlour Guitar, 2018

Spruce soundboard, Padouk body, Honduras Cedar neck. Rosette inlaid with shells from the Sea of Galilee

'La Petite Bouche', Archtop Guitar, 2018 

This is an unusual archtop guitar which I built from mainly reclaimed materials. The soundboard is made from an offcut from a roof beam of French Alpine Spruce. The body is made from maple off-cuts from a local carpenter. The neck is made from an old mahogany stair-post. This guitar feels and sounds almost like an electric guitar and has the most incredible sustain.  

'Feathers', Acoustic Guitar, 2016  

Designed in collaboration with musician and world traveller, Gal Ronen, this is perhaps the most balanced and responsive acoustic guitar I've ever made. The shape of the body probably has a lot to do with it. It was designed so as to have no straight edges, but only curves, which gives it an organic feel. The inlays echo the player's love of nature and of freedom. The rosewood body adds a beautiful, deep, rich tone to the Alpine spruce 'Moonwood' soundboard.