Instruments For Sale

Updated  2021

These are the instruments I currently have in stock. Some of the older ones have some signs of use as they have been used for demonstration purposes. Because of this, the prices for my older 'stock' instruments is a bit lower than the cost of commissioning a new build. On the plus side, an older instrument has had more time for the sound to open up.. a process which usually takes about a year or two for spruce top guitars. The sound will continue to develop throughout the lifetime of the instrument. My instruments are built to last for at least one or two hundred years, or longer if they are well looked after. When you buy a G Weigert Handmade Guitar, it's not just for you, but for generations to come.

All these instruments will be treated to a complete repolish and setup before I send them out into the world. Prices include worldwide, expedient, insured postage.


'A Guitar for Bob Dylan' - 2020.

Price - $4250

Here are some photos of my most recent folk guitar, the third in my series of tribute guitars to legends of American folk and blues who have had a profound influence on me and on the world of music. The first guitar was a 12-string inspired by Leadbelly. The second was a 6-string in honour of Woody Guthrie. This guitar is my luthieristic tribute to Bob Dylan.

Since Dylan is the only one of those three who is still alive, I shall of course be offering it to him, though in the likelihood that he can't be reached or doesn't want it (he probably has a basement full of tribute guitars that he never plays), it will also be available for sale to the general, guitar-loving public.bodied

This is a fairly small bodied guitar, lightly built, but sturdy enough to handle life on the road. The tone is very well balanced, warm and bright and the guitar is very comfortable to play. The back and sides are made from American Sweetgum (Liquidambar) wood. The soundboard is Caucasian Spruce. The neck is Mahogany with an ebony fretboard. Inlays are made from Shells collected from the shores of the Sea of Galilee. The bridge pins and endpin are turned from a piece of almond wood from a tree in my garden.

Here is a video of Noam Dayan putting this guitar though its paces:

'The Beast' -Acoustic Bass Guitar

Prototype based on Subharmonic principles - 2021.

Price - $4500

Here are some photos of my prototype acoustic bass guitar. I'll probably replace the tailpiece with a trapeze one since I discovered that regular bass strings don't reach the full length, hence the improvisation at that end.Being a prototype, there are a few things I'd do slightly different on the next one, but all in all I'm very pleased with how well this guitar works.


My main aim was to make an acoustic bass guitar that is as loud and deep as possible. I've always found the ones I've played to be a bit lame in those two important respects. The reason for this, I figured, is that they are usually built just like acoustic guitars, whereas a bass guitar is a fundamentally different creature because (I hypothesised) bass notes behave in quite different ways from treble and midrange frequencies. As such, a different approach was needed in order to enhance bass and sub-bass response as much as possible.


This guitar has some unusual and novel features. Particularly the soundboard and back bracing. My aim was to build a structure that was as light as possible but which would be strong enough to withstand the string tension, while at the same time, effectively transferring the string vibrations to every part of the instrument without loss of energy. I took inspiration from natural, organic structures (skeletons and spider webs mainly) which have evolved to be perfectly efficient.

Another feature is the asymetric tapered back. The bass side is slightly narrower than the treble side, making it more comfortable to play, even though the body is 13cm deep.


The body, neck, bindings and bridge are made from three types of mahogany, about half of it from reclaimed sources. The soundboard is sitka spruce. The fretboard is Indian rosewood and has 24 frets. This guitar was made using traditional methods and hand tools and is French polished using natural shellac. The scale length is 830mm.

'Red Earth' Classical Guitar, 2019

Price - $3500

This is a large bodied classical guitar with a powerful, deep response. I have used Padouk wood for the body as well as for the neck, which lends a warm, rich tone and excellent sustain as well as having a very striking, appearance. Padouk wood is naturally bright red in colour which, over time darkens to a deep burgundy.

The soundboard is Caucasian Spruce. The fretboard and bindings are ebony. The rosette, inlaid with shells from the Sea of Galilee, is my artistic representation of our rapidly warming Planet Earth, orbiting in space. Scale length 660mm.

Flamenco Guitar, 2019

Price - $3500

This is a large bodied flameco guitar, the same body shape as the 'Red Earth' guitar above, but with Cypress body. Also with a powerful, deep response, especially strong on the bass. Unusually for modern flamenco guitars, I have used wood for the golpeadores instead of the more commonly used plastic. This is something you would have found on older guitars, before the invention of plastic. It gives a more woody tone, especially for tapping techniques and gives ample protection to the soundboard, which is very thin and lightly braced. As with all my flamenco guitars, this is very lightly built, making it extremely responsive. The large body size adds increased volume and projection, making this an ideal guitar to accompany other instruments, singers and percussion. 

Traditional peghead Flamenco Guitar, 2016

Price - $2900

This is the lightest guitar I have ever made, weighing in at a little over 1200g. It is a traditional Flamenco guitar in every way. It is extremely responsive and has a deep, warm and complex tone. The body is made from fragrant Cypress wood. The soundboard is an excellent set of Alpine Spruce 'Moonwood' with lots of beautiful bearclaw figuring. The neck is Honduras Cedar and the fretboard and bridge are Indian Rosewood. The action is very low, making this perfect for effortless, fast flamenco styles.  Scale length 650mm.

Here is a clip I recorded on my phone of talented flamenco guitarist Noa Drezner with this guitar:

'Spiral' Guitar, 2016

Price - $2900

An unusual, fairly small bodied classical guitar with a surprisingly big sound.

Alpine Spruce soundboard. Indian Rosewood body. Honduras Cedar neck. Ebony fretboard. 650mm scale length.

Mandolin, 2014

Price - $2200

A lovely mandolin with some unusual details and rare, figured mahogany body. Sitka spruce soundboard and cherry wood neck made from a tree in London that I knew well.

Here is a clip of Uri Buri on this mandolin and Gil Mann on the  acoustic guitar featured next on this page:

Folk guitar, 2015

Price - Inquire

This is my favourite guitar to play, for the sound, the feel and the look, but I may be persuaded to sell it to someone who feels they really relate.


The soundboard is very high grade Western Red Cedar and unusually for a steel string guitar, is fan braced. This gives the strings a very elastic, 'bouncy', energetic feel. The body is made from a lovely, dark Indian Rosewood. The neck is made from the same figured mahogany as the mandolin pictured above and is laminated with ebony for added strength and stability. The bindings, fretboard and head veneer are also ebony, giving this guitar a dark and distinguished look. Shells from the Sea of Galilee are used for inlays around the soundhole, in the wings of the bridge and at the end join. The fretboard is flat (radius of infinity) making it very comfortable for playing fingerstyle.

'Space Guitar', 2017

Price - $3600

The shape of this guitar is the same as the 'feathers' guitar featured on the Gallery page. I was so pleased with how that guitar turned out that I decided to build another one. The overall aesthetic of this guitar is different. I drew my inspiration from early 20th century science fiction, dreams of space travel and Art Deco style of that period.   

The soundboard is Alpine Spruce. The body is mahogany and the neck is maple. This guitar has a side soundport which projects some of the sound towards the player, making playing this guitar a very absorbing experience. You can also sing into the soundport, as demonstrated in this video by Lazer LLoyd.. 

Travel Guitar, 2019

Price - $2200

This guitar is made completely out of reclaimed and local woods. The soundboard is from reclaimed German Spruce, left over from a roof beam. The fretboard and bindings are from local Galilean Sesam wood. The neck is made from an old mahogany post. The body is made from a dead cypress tree in my garden. This is a small bodied guitar but with a sound as loud as most full sized classical guitars you will find. The scale length is 635mm, so the neck feels the same as a full sized guitar.