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Instruments For Sale


These are the guitars I currently have in stock. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for here, tell me what it is and I'll be happy to build it for you. 

Flamenco Guitar - 2021.



An elegant, very lightly built, traditional flamenco guitar. Cypress body, Spruce top.  Unique inlay art, created from a variety of wood species. Scale length 650mm 

Archtop Guitar - 2021.


Fully handcarved from master grade Caucasian Spruce and Turkish cherry wood, this is a one of a kind archtop guitar. The antique finish was achieved using a variety of natural pigments and shellac.

Rosewood\Cedar  and seashells Acoustic Guitar - 2021.


Wonderfully balanced, rich and powerful acoustic guitar, inlaid with Mediterranean seashells.

Soundboard - master grade Western red Cedar

Body - Indian Rosewood

Neck - Figured mahogany and ebony

Head veneer, bindings and fretboard - Ebony

'Sweetgum' - 2020.

Price - $4250

This is a fairly small bodied guitar, lightly built, but sturdy enough to handle life on the road. The tone is very well balanced, warm and bright and the guitar is very comfortable to play. The back and sides are made from American Sweetgum (Liquidambar) wood. The soundboard is Caucasian Spruce. The neck is Mahogany with an ebony fretboard. Inlays are made from Shells collected from the shores of the Sea of Galilee. The bridge pins and endpin are turned from a piece of almond wood from a tree in my garden.

Here is a video of Noam Dayan putting this guitar though its paces:

'The Beast' -Acoustic Bass Guitar

Prototype based on Subharmonic principles - 2021.

Price - $4800


This guitar has some unusual and novel features. Particularly the soundboard and back bracing. My aim was to build a structure that was as light as possible but which would be strong enough to withstand the string tension, while at the same time, effectively transferring the string vibrations to every part of the instrument without loss of energy. I took inspiration from natural, organic structures which have evolved to be perfectly efficient.

Another feature is the asymetric tapered back. The bass side is slightly narrower than the treble side, making it more comfortable to play, even though the body is 13cm deep.


The body, neck, bindings and bridge are made from three types of mahogany, about half of it from reclaimed sources. The soundboard is sitka spruce. The fretboard is Indian rosewood and has 24 frets, scale length is 830mm.