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G. Weigert Handmade Guitars

Original Stringed Instruments
- Since 2003 -


Acoustic, Classical, Flamenco and folk guitars

Baritone, bass, tenor and travel guitars

Mandolins, mandolas, ukeleles and lyres

Bespoke, one of a kind instruments

Conceptual, musical and artistic collaborations

And more... 

All my instruments are unique. They are built one at a time, using traditional methods and hand-tools. My designs are original, yet they remain rooted in the centuries long practice and evolution of handmade musical instruments, built by master craftsmen and women through the ages. 


I take the issue of deforestation very seriously and make every effort to ensure that the materials I use to build my instruments are ethically and responsibly sourced. Where possible, I use reclaimed and local wood.

All my instruments are French polished using natural shellac, rather than synthetic varnish. This brings out the beauty of the wood as well as the fullness of the tone.

As an artist, I enjoy using a wide variety of woods to create interesting, organic patterns with the  contrasting colours and grain effects. The different combinations are endless. I never get tired of exploring new ideas and concepts. This is why no two of my instruments are ever quite the same.k here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.


Of course, the main thing is the sound. I am always experimenting and innovating, drawing upon years of experience with building many types of instrument, to try to bring out the very best tone possible, in every way I can. 


Please explore the website to find out more about my instruments, the way I build them and how to order your very own G Weigert Handmade Guitar.


I usually have a small collection of instruments in stock and am always happy to build you something to your own specifications.

My humble little workshop is in Galilee in the north of Israel. Visitors are always welcome.

Instruments can be shipped worldwide.


"This guitar is so awesome, it reaches deep into the soul" - Lazer Lloyd, blues guitarist

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